Best PPTP VPN Service

Best PPTP VPN Service

VPN Protocol support is an important factor behind the selection of a VPN Service providers generally offer the facility for almost all of them whether SSTP VPN, L2TP VPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSH VPN, OpenVPN or PPTP, depending on the specific requirements, users select one or more of them. Of all these, PPTP or the Point-to-Point protocol is a highly demanded protocol since it is the first one to be endorsed by the Microsoft Dial-up Networking and assures high level security from the hackers owing to its tunneling mechanism.

Describing PPTP in brief

Point to Point tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a method that is used to establish virtual private network over the regular internet network. It is available as built-in facility in all the window versions since Windows 95 in the form of PPTP client. However, it provides encryption and authentication with the help of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) standard that is tunneled to provide added security.

Devices for PPTP VPN

PPTP can be operational in almost every device, whether computer or Smartphone. Users wanting to access blocked websites through VPN in their iPod, iPad or Android iPhone can also find solace in this protocol. However, they can use OpenVPN as well to satisfy such a cause but that would require additional efforts to perform the Jailbreak procedure.


To use PPTP for VPN, the PPTP VPN client and PPTP server are both connected with a network access server through VPN tunnel. The data packet thus contained is encapsulated, encrypted and transmitted to the destination server where it is decrypted and de-capsulated. This is how the user at the other end is able to receive the message in its original form.

Benefits of PPTP VPN

Using PPTP support for your VPN could allow you avail multifaceted benefits such as:

  • Widespread availability in all the Windows versions as PPTP client
  • Easy to configure with only few customizations
  • Authentication features heavily dominated by varied PPP based protocols of the likes of CAP, PAP and EAP.
  • Runs comparably lesser chances of being blocked since it uses TCP Port 1723, which is endorsed by Microsoft
  • Can be comfortably used by windows, Linux, and Mac operated handheld devices
  • Comparably faster than the other protocols serving the same purpose
  • Perfect for data transfer and online streaming services that require lesser encryption.
  • Facts and Advantages about PPTP VPN

Best PPTP VPN service providers

VPN service providers are almost at war in proving their supremacy in the industry. All of them claim to provide affable PPTP support that could allow the users to access the internet over a secure network without bothering about hacking nightmares. Having a look on few of the most sought after ones would therefore be worthwhile.

HideMyAss: It is considered as the most popular service provider when it comes to using VPN. Alongside offering capable support for PPTP, it also provides quality assistance for other widely known protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, SSL, SSTP, OpenVPN and more.

PureVPN: Indeed a Pure VPN, this one holds the caliber to assure complete security from intrusion via its PPTP support. The VPN has its servers located in as many as 14 countries and is perfectly compatible with all the contemporary operating systems and handheld devices.

 StrongVPN: Founded way back in 1995, StrongVPN offers a viable PPTP support and offers both the shared and dedicated IP types at its end. It is known for its prompt customer support system and has its existence in as many as 19 countries with 270 servers and more than 9 thousand IPs.

The detailed list of topmost VPN providers that offer viable PPTP support in their services are listed below.

 VPN Service

Starting Price

Hidemyass VPN








OverPlay VPN




Switch VPN




Ivacy VPN