Best SSH VPN to bypass Censorship in Iran

Best SSH VPN to bypass Censorship in Iran

Iran replaces the global network with its own censored version of national internet 

Jan09, 2012: The Iranian government is eying a completed closure of global internet network in the country as soon as the new censored national intranet comes into existence.

In a latest development, the internet censorship authority in Iran declared new rules on January 4th, 2012 that empowers the officials to know about each and every specific information about the users that are surfing the internet.

Before they start browsing, they are required to furnish detailed information regarding their name, father’s name, contact details including telephone number, address and national ID.

Just to assure the final nail in the coffin, the government also instructs cafe owners to use security cameras that should keep a regular check on the surfers and the sites they browse through for six months,

The protocol has been implemented in the wake of the parliamentary elections to be held later in March this year. It aims at combating the activities of protesters who leverage the assistance of internet cafes to raise their unrest campaign regarding the elections.

As per a report published in the Wall Street Journal recently, the rule makes it a criminal act to use social networking websites and email applications to boycott elections.

If the government’s sources are to be believed, such a move has been taken with the intention to counter the effects of the so called “soft” cultural war that has been heavily influenced by the western countries and is thrashing the moral values of Iranians.

The internet tests have already been started, only to leave the users with deadly slow speed, which is the foremost step on the way to cease internet access to a whopping 23 million users in the country.

At first, the proposed “halal” or pure internet would run in sync with the global internet and then will remain as the only internet facility after the services of former are closed entirely for the citizens.

This domestic network, declared in March 2011 is all set to be launched to its full potential as per stated by spokesman for Iran professional union Corporate Computer Systems while talking to the Iranian media, reports WSJ.

The internet censorship has not even spared the widely used websites such as YouTube, Twitter and the much in demand, Facebook.

The strict rule also comes in spite of the gigantic protests in the 2009 election that brought President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back to the the power. At that time, the websites of opposition parties were blocked, followed by a cut off in the telephone networks as well.

Still, protesters kept on expressing their anguish through Twitter, Facebook and similar other web portals. The banned websites were unblocked using tools of the likes of Tools and VPNs.

However, this time, it looks as if the government is not in the mood to take any chances and has taken all the things in total control. Such strict steps have been adopted by certain other countries in the past as well, with China topping the charts, thanks to its great firewall.

Libya is also not far away either. Both of these countries require complete identification of the web surfers before they start using the internet in cafes.

A tainted history of banning personal blogs, email applications and targeting those involved in cyber attacks  have been among the common activities carried out by these countries throughout these times.

Iran Censorship

Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship in Iran:

As it has been discussed above about all the related issues of the censorship in Iran. We must now move on to some effective tool which can enables the affective users in Iran to access the web freely and anonymously.

VPN is among the well known and reliable tool which can ease the users to get rid of the censorship measures in Iran. Though there are lots of VPN Providers who claimed to name as the Best VPN Iran in Paid and as well as Free one.

Though the Govt has majorly blocked the basic protocols like PPTP VPN and L2TP VPN in Iran as well as the regime has also blocked Open VPN and according to our sources  Iran Blocked PPTP and L2TP VPN Protocols. SSTP VPN is Unstable.

So, it will be highly recommended to use SSH VPN Protocol to bypass censorship in Iran and for that one must use Best SSH VPN.

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