VPN Tunnel in North Korea | How to create your own VPN Server

VPN Tunnel in North Korea | How to create your own VPN Server

Internet access has become more than a necessity in the day-to-day life of millions spanning the entire globe. Some people are lucky enough to use it anywhere they want, however there are still some who are compelled to bear the brunt of a heavy internet censorship.

China, Middle East nations, Cuba, Burma are among some of the badly hit nations in this regard, but the one that is even worst affected than all these countries is North Korea.

If the report from ‘Reporters Without Borders’, revealed in 2006 is to be believed, the country is unfortunately considered to be the worst internet black hole of the world among the 13 nations that bar internet broadcasting.

In such a scenario, it is indeed a daunting task to access the worldwideweb from North Korea until and unless you have a VPN.

The need for VPN in North Korea

Considering the fact that merely 4% of the total headcounts in North Korea are privileged to have the internet connection, the native citizens there may not be that much eager to use this effervescent technological tool to connect with the world.

Still, there are many expats from different nations who currently reside here; they would definitely like to access the internet unperturbed. Additionally, there may be North Koreans who have been accessing flawless internet during their stay in other countries, and want to get the same facility while they return.

For obvious reasons, owing to the enormous restriction in the country, it is impossible for them to access internet access openly. The only other way around is to use VPN Service for such a purpose.

However, chances are brighter that they may not get a VPN Provider in the vicinity so it would be better to find solace in creating a VPN Server for Korea on your own.

Creating your own VPN server in North Korea

Varied applications are available in the market that can establish network between computers spread across geographical boundaries.VPN Korea

Prominent among them include Hamachi and Comodo Unite. The requirement of these applications are

  1. Download install and register with the application in the computers to which you want to be connected through a VPN network.
  2. One of them has to be the main computer from where you initiate the network with the help of a unique Id and password.
  3.  The device at other side is required to join the already created network instead of creating a new one.
  4. Once the desired activities are fulfilled comfortably, you are done with creating your own VPN network in North Korea.
  5. It is a prompt way to access the internet without being identified by the censoring authorities.

Alternative ways use VPN in North Korea

As we have discussed above how to create your own VPN Server in Korea. There is another way through which you can access the web with complete freedom in Korea. It is for those expats and individuals who do not want to go in setting their own VPN Server.

There is a wide range of VPN Providers that allow users to get the web one click away from their reach. However, choosing the best vpn  among them is a bit tricky and obvious decision.

In the VPN Industry, there are 2 categories of VPN Vendor. The one is Free VPN and the other one is Paid VPN. Here are some big giants of the industry which are considerably the best recommendation to go with;

  1. Hidemyass
  2. IAPS
  3. PureVPN
  4. StrongVPN
  5. Overplay


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