Internet Censorship in China | Top Most VPN Providers for China

Internet Censorship in China | Top Most VPN Providers for China

China is considered to be the most censored nations when it comes to using internet. The government there is quick to block the websites that it foresees as a major threat to the nation’s interest, whether it is a domestic website or an international one.

While for the native Chinese citizens, such a restriction might seem to be fine to some extent, but foreigners residing in the country are likely to be annoyed by the so called ‘the great firewall of China’.

Consequently, they find solace in the virtual private network. Let us know some more about the internet restrictions in this part of the world and the VPNs used to bypass them.

Be it for the sake of culture to safeguard some political interest, whatever may be the reason for censorship, but it is the Chinese people who are compelled to be on the receiving end of such restrictions.

The country is strictly against the topmost social networking websites that have been creating rounds all across the globe. The apprehensions of the misuse of these websites by the local people to open front against government policies or to protest against the freedom to right and speech tend the authorities to block these websites.

Even the journalists and the private bloggers are  checked out persistently for their posts over the internet. Anything found liable to damage the government’s reputation is brought to book.

To avoid such limitations from hampering the work, people in China, whether the citizens or expats from foreign countries, seek the assistance of VPN providers.

Internet Censorship in China

Activities that get hampered due to Chinese firewall

A wide range of activities get badly affected due to internet restrictions in China. Prominent among them are mentioned here:

  • Normal internet browsing: This includes access to popular news and entertainment websites
  • Instant messaging/chatting: People prefer to be in touch with their friend circle via online chatting. Restriction limits them from performing such an act.
  • Email checking: Internet tools such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN are widely used for checking email but cannot be accessed due to restriction in China
  • VoIP Calls: Business people rely heavily on VoIP calls to communicate with their business partners, clients and employees. Censorship hinders their business continuously
  • Personal Blog: Most of the bloggers in China prefer to express their views through their own online platform.
  • Social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and certain other popular websites find their future bleak in China due to internet censorships in the country.
  • Sharing/downloading files: sharing or downloading audio, video or image files through PPP is a common practice among the users. It gets badly affected due to the censoring.

Activities that get hampered due to individual restrictions

Accessing streaming websites: Web portals such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, netFlix, 4OD and more are no less than a range among their admirers. However, these sites cannot be accessed outside their hosting locations, which further bars the Chinese people from accessing these sites.

VPN, the most feasible solution

To take care of all such miseries while, the use of VPN becomes almost a necessity for the avid internet users in China. It enables the users to connect to the internet through some foreign location, other than the original one.

As a result, the users get an IP address of a preferred server belonging to the selected country.

This not only helps the Chinese people to browse through the blocked website but also enables them to make the most of these websites in terms of business as well as entertainment.

Choosing best VPN providers

 A heck of VPN providers for china are lined up with superseding capabilities. The foremost thing you need to inquire is whether the concerned VPN is allowing you to access the websites of your desired specific country.

Alongside, companies that provide dialer facility hold an upper hand over the others that ask the users to configure the VPN client manually.

Other factors to consider include speed, bandwidth usage, ability to support Open VPN protocol (PPTP and L2TP can be blocked easily in China), cost considerations and so on.

Best VPN providers

Based on the other factors, some of the most widely used VPN providers which enable user to access the web with absolute freedom and anonymity via vpn china and china vpn. Some of the Best VPN provider in the industry are listed below.

  1. Hidemyass
  2. StrongVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. PureVPN
  5. OverPlay VPN
  6. IAPS


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