Top Rated VPN Connection

Top Rated VPN Connection

Imagine a situation where you are in some foreign country and want to enjoy those stimulating TV shows on Hulu, but you cannot do so since you are out of US.

There are two ways two deal with such a situation, either forget the idea to watch Hulu and visit some nearby museum, or challenge the restriction with a Hulu VPN to watch your favorite shows on Hulu .

This is merely a single reason to use VPN, but the secure internet connection promises to satisfy many more causes thereby allowing you total independence over the internet.

In any case, it is important to zero-in on the best ip vpn connection. Let us get into the depth and know some of the best VPN connection that you can use to see some of your secret missions over the internet see the light of day.

HideMyAss:Don’t worry it is not that cheap thing to use as is suggested by its mischievous name. Here, the word ‘Ass’ probably refers to your online identity that it hides from the world.

HideMyAss has been really a successful VPN company to help you hide your online fingerprint and explore the world of internet in total anonymity. It has its servers located in 38 countries and allows you to hide your ass, oops! Your online identity behind 24000+ IP addresses, indeed a staggering number.

Need more? Well! It assures you enhanced security with high end encryptions and yes, you would definitely be able to relish your daily dose of entertainment.

However, please do not watch porn since more than being an unethical practice, it could drag you into legal hassles. Overall, HideMyAss is no doubts one of the VPN providers, that is a one-in-all solution for all your internet requirements regarding anonymity.

PureVPN: With pan universal existence spanning across 14 countries, with more than 30 servers, it does prove true to its name and comes out to be a winner in maintaining your secrecy over the internet.

There is no dearth of reasons to opt for this promising VPN if you have decided to go on a war against internet censorship and online hacking.

To start with, PureVPN provides simple to use use services, helps to manage client connection conveniently, provides server suggestion tools, allows the access to VoIP VPN based software irrespective of your current geographical location and lets you draw the benefits of integrated live chat and support ticket through few clicks.

However, if you bother about security, then don’t be. PureVPN assures 128-bit SSL based encryption and thus acts as a shield to protect you from unsolicited internet users. Facebook, Twitter are all yours, access them from anywhere without worrying about the local censorship.

StrongVPN: Backed with really some strong reviews, StrongVPN is something that you can trust upon more than any other service provider in this field.

Not even your girlfriend can assure you 24×7 service, no wonder if she is your best person in the world, but this VPN does assure round the clock and on time service.

No one is 100 percent perfect and the same holds true for StrongVPN, yet it provides 99.9% uptime, which is something you do not expect often from a VPN. Who else can give you a persistent internet connectivity with a downtime of less than 1 hour in one single month! Seems unbelievable but it is true, as projected by their website and endorsed by their support team.

As far as their global presence is concerned, its services cover 19 countries, offer 279 servers and possess more than 7000 IP addresses to hide your identity from the prying eyes.

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Bottom Line

These are only few of an assorted list of VPN service providers whom you can approach if you feel the need for hiding your online presence.

For detailed information for prominent players in this field, you can google around to get numerous review portals, blogs and individual websites that furnish all the good and bad information about these virtual private networks.

Based on some prominent factors, we have also tried to come out with our own version of Best VPN connections, let us hope it could satisfy your cause willfully.


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