Top SSTP VPN Service & Provider

Top SSTP VPN Service & Provider

VPN hold this unmistakable tendency to hide your identity while using internet. You can use it to access almost any website or to communicate with anyone residing at some other geographical location without getting into the knowledge of the censoring authorities or of the hackers.

Of course, there are many impeccable reasons that contribute towards such a craved success of VPNs, but the most significant of them is the protocol support. To be precise, Let us talk about SSTP, in this article.

The need for VPN protocol

Though, it is true that you can use internet in total anonymity with the help of protocols, but owing to the burgeoning clutch of censorships even their fate is in shambles.

Protocols such as PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN, IPSec may run the danger of being identified or blocked by the respective authorities; still there is SSTP that is keeping the torch alive.

It is the VPN protocol that remains untouched by the internet censorship authorities of the respective governments since it uses browser and not a VPN dialer to connect to the VPN.

The fact that it remains untouched by the prying eyes makes it a favorable choice for the VPN users the world over.

What is SSTP?

Technically speaking, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is based on windows and plays its part in the transfer of PPP traffic over the worldwideweb. It accomplishes such a craved task with the help of SSL channel.

Here, it becomes evident to know what SSL is. In a nutshell, it stands for Secure Socket Layer and comes into effect in providing transport level security to the data with the help of concrete measures such as Key-negotiation, encryption and traffic integrity.

To bypass firewalls and proxy server more quicker and safer than other protocols, it is used over https protocol (TCP port 443).

Significance of SSTP

It was introduced with the efforts of Microsoft and is clientless, which means that it does not depend on any VPN client software as other protocols. You can activate it easily with the help of your web browser.

As far as the security is concerned, the devices at both the server and client ends leverage cryptographic keys or digital certificates). Using SSTP also makes way for a quicker internet speed and less disruptions. In the world of VPN protocols, where almost every other protocol is likely to be blocked or breached by the prying eyes SSTP is the one on which you can bank upon.

Looking out for best SSTP VPN service providers

VPN providers extend their services in almost every corner of the world. But whether they are really delivering what they are intended to, is a moot point. It is therefore necessary to make a sedate research about the VPN providers if they are providing the SSTP support or not.

If not, then there is no reason to go after it and if yes, then it would be good to enquire further about its credibility, cost, customer support among the other prominent factors. Once you are duly satisfied, you can well zero-in on the preferred VPN with SSTP support.

Top SSTP VPN service & provider

Below is a detailed list of topmost SSTP VPN service providers, hope it helps for your cause.

VPN Service

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Black Logic VPN


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Ceinen VPN


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Boxpn VPN


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